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    That's a quandary facing a growing number of cosmetics companies, salons and customers as health and environmental advocates step up their attack against a controversial ingredient contained in most nail polishes -- including some very popular brands.
    Many countries have begun to restrict the ingredients contained in the conventional nail polishes. For example DBP has been removed from polishes sold in Europe and United States.
    Over the years, to research and produce the water-based nail polish is a dream and an arduous target of cosmetic scientists. But it is very difficult to accomplish because the technique barriers. The most difficult challenge is the lack of adhesion and the long drying time.
    At the beginning we faced the above difficulties as well. After the long time of hard working we break the key barriers. Now our base material of the water-based nail polish has the excellent durability, good color level and fast drying performance.
    As the water-based nail polish system is different from the conventional ones, the color system of water-based nail polish is another research direction. The PANTONE system has been introduced to our color system to guarantee the standardization and consistency of the colors. The PANTONE color system is the universal color language used in various fields such as fashion home, painting, and cosmetics.
    We select the top raw material suppliers in the world to ensure the consistency of our products and adapt to the most rigorous safe standards of many countries.
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