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    As the R&D Laboratory becomes more fairly perfection, we would like to provide a series of relative ¡°Private Label¡± service to our clients as below:
    ¡¤Suggestion of nail color¡¯s fashion
    ¡¤Suggestion of product¡¯s lay out, packaging selection
    ¡¤Manufacturing procedure advice, quality supervision etc.
    Color is the most important factor for nail polishes. With the help of precise instruments and standard procedures we have set up a database of color scheme to guarantee the nail color¡¯s stability and consistency. Now there are hundreds of colors for the clients¡¯ selection in the database. Furthermore we can also adjust more parameters such as the concentration of pearl pigment to meet the customers¡¯ requirements.
      Tell us what you want, we will design the special solutions for you.
    If the client would like to authorize us to be responsible for their OEM procedure, we would send the "semi-finished" products to the outsource OEM factory for filling under our supervision till the qualified product is fulfilled.
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