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     We provide the "semi-finished" water-based nail polish products for the industry clients. The so-called "semi-finished" product is the qualified base material with harmonized colors and has been tested by professional technician. After the filling procedure the clients will get the finished product of water-based nail polish.
    Our water-based nail polishes own the advantages over the conventional ones detailed as follows:
    1. No chemical solvents.
    2. No Phthalate of Any Kind
    3. Formaldehyde-free
    Our prodcuts will bring you the following benefits:
    1. Prevent from challenge of environmental groups (Brand Operator)
    2. Save more on the labour protection and environmental disposal (Manufacturer)
    3. Non-explosive and non-flamable (Manufacturer,Distributer, Retailer,End User)
    4. No health effect (End User)
    Click here to download the product booklet of CyberCos
     We also provide the products of Eco-friendly Remover ("semi-finished", after filling then get the finished products). Comparing to the current removers on the market our product is safer, healthier and doesn't have irritating odor.
    This Eco-friendly Remover can also be used to enhance the durability of water-based nail polish.
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