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    CyberCos Enterprises Inc. - an innovative company, dedicates in the research of water-based nail polish and eco-friendly cosmetics.These natural products are playing more and more important role on the market.
    Our laboratory locates in BioBay, the southwest of Suzhou Industrial Park of China.

    We have concentrated on the research of healthy cosmetic
products for a few years. Our key products are water based nail polish and natural remover.
    Selling the imported raw materials in China market is our main model before Suzhou CyberCos was founded. Through selling our products we got the clients¡¯ feedbacks and valuable experience in the market.

    Perhaps the conventional nail polish still acts as a main role on the market, but we are confident that the real beauty should be natural and healthy and the water-based nail polish will be the trend in the future.
    First of all our commitment is to create an extraordinary, unprecedented range of new and reformulated products that are inherently pure and safe, while expanding the efficacy and vibrantly healthy benefits of natural beauty.
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